For over 35 years we have been providing a wide variety of custom-made products such as, but not limited to, Architectural Items, Baskets, Bins, Brackets, Chutes, Carts and Tables, Enclosures, Panels, Cabinets, Trays and Pans, Guards, Safety Barriers, Exhibit and Display Components.

Our experienced craftsmen provide quality products and pride themselves on their ability to meet your expectations and deadlines.

Precision Metal Fabrication Past Projects

Custom Copper Chimney Caps

Custom Copper Chimney Caps from 110 copper sheet and wire mesh.

Stainless Steel Wash Tank

Stainless Steel Wash Tank used in the manufacturing of corrugated pipe.

Rope Drum for an Overhead Crane

Overhead Crane Rope Drum fabricated from mild steel.

Product Display Sign

Stainless steel product display sign polished to mirror finish and painted customer specifics.




Stainless Steel Sign with laser etched surface highlights

Custom designed stainless steel sign featuring laser etched surface highlights

Outdoor Power Supply Cabinet

Power Supply Cabinet fabricated from 304 stainless steel for outdoor applications.

Mobile Stainless Sink with Backsplash

Mobile stainless steel sink with back splash and formed reservoir counter.

Control Enclosure

Control center enclosure, fabricated and custom painted to customers’ specifications.

Flight Simulator Sub Assembly

Aluminum aeronautics simulator sub-assembly.

New Machine Guard Using Old Guard as Template

New Blanchard grinding machine guard fabricated completely without the use of drawings, using the old guard as a template.

Rebuilt Blanchard Grinding Machine Guards

A second machine guard fabricated completely without the use of drawings, using the old guard as a template.

Laser cut design of a window covering for a Starbucks® location.

Customized Semi Truck Accessory

Custom semi-truck accessory fabricated into the shape of a military munition from aluminum.

Stainless steel fire pit cover

Stainless Steel Fire Pit Cover

Exhaust Extraction Manifold

Exhaust Extraction Manifold employed in an aluminum foundry.


Walkway Platform

Exit platform with removable stairs with high gloss enamel black finish.

Custom Designed Thermostat Control Housing

Custom Designed Thermostat Control Housing.

Power Supply Control Cabinet

Power Supply Control Cabinet made of steel, galvanized and black powder coated.

Weldments, Inc. Past Projects

Forging Rack Base used in oil quenching process

Forging Rack Base used in oil quenching process.

Adjustable Height Base Frame weldment

Large scale tubing frame, fabricated with 12″ SQ x 1/2″ wall & 8″ SQ x 1/2″ wall tube standing 107″ tall.

Support Stand for injection mold machinery

Support Stand for injection mold machinery